People we like

Here are links to websites we love (in no particular order)

  • The Language Gym – This gem of a website, run by the generous Gianfranco Conti, has a wealth of resources, including some invaluable insights on helping students with micro-listening. One of the great things about the site is that his work is not specific to English, so if you’re looking for recipes for good teaching in other languages, he can help you out there too!
  • ELT Stories – all kinds of fantastic tools and ideas, generously shared by Olga Sergeeva. Her approach to listening has completely transformed the way that we now look at the skill!
  • Max’s English Corner has a lot of fantastic ideas and he uses the same kinds of food metaphors as we do! We arrived at the idea independently we promise you! 🙂
  • Lexical Lab – run by Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley, a site that connects their school in London, their publishing of textbooks like Outcomes, and their tireless promotion of the beauty and humor of English lexis. Also checkout their YouTube page.
  • Hugh Dellar’s now-defunct personal blog still has some fantastic reflections
  • The Freelance Teacher Self-Development site is an excellent resource, kindly provided by Marc Jones, with a lot of valuable reflections as well as some great materials
  • Dynamite English is a really useful place to find ideas for lessons, as well as crucial tips for self-organisation and administration in between lessons
  • The Steve Brown Blog contains a lot of very thought-provoking articles and essays about the state of the ELT field
  • We’ve also found the blog of Chua Suan Chong very interesting, particularly the series of posts where she reports on the same class being taught with an Unplugged style for a week and then from a coursebook the next
  • Film English has some good ideas for using videos in your class