A Trip to Thailand

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Target language:

Functions: Communicating travelling experiences, giving reviews

Notions: Travelling habits

Lexis: Idioms, phrasal verbs, antonyms, informal language

Structures: Past simple

Skills: Reading for gist, inferring meaning from context, writing a review

What to do:

*Lead in discussion:

Ask the Ss the following questions:

– What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited? Why?

– Do you travel very often?

– Are you planning any trips in the near future?

[these questions can be done in whole class discussion or in pairs if the class is large]

* Pre-reading:

Ask Ss if they are familiar with the website Trip Advisor.

– Do they use it? Passively or actively?

– Have they ever written a review? Good or bad?

[Elicit answers and say ‘we’ll come back to those soon’]

– Ask if anybody has ever been to Thailand [Elicit answers]

– Tell the Ss that they are going to read a review about a trip to Thailand taken by a woman called Lisa.

* Reading for gist:

– Ss have to quickly skim the text and answer the question:

‘Was Lisa happy with her holiday?’

– Then elicit some answers why Lisa wasn’t happy about her holiday.

*Inferring meaning from context:

– Tell Ss to pay attention to the words in bold

– Elicit possible meanings for each word/phrase, allow Ss to speculate and teach the vocabulary where necessary.

*Post-reading discussion:

– Now ask Ss to discuss the following questions in pairs or groups:

  • What’s your opinion on package holidays?

  • Do you usually travel light?

  • Have you ever suffered from a jet lag? When?

  • Have you ever haggled over the price? What was the item you wanted to buy?

  • Have you ever been ripped off?

  • When was the last time you woke up at the crack of dawn?

  • Do you like catching some rays in summer?

  • Can you name 3 things that you consider tacky/tasteful?

  • Have you ever been to a very posh restaurant? What was it like?

*Vocab building:

– Tell Ss that they need to find opposites to the target vocabulary

[Encourage pair/group work and the use of online dictionaries. The below right are some suggestions of what they might discover]

to wake at the crack of dawn – to have a lie-in

to travel light – to travel with a lot of luggage

posh – downmarket, budget

to suffering from a jet lag – to feel sharp (as a tack)

to be keen on catching some rays – to be keen on hiding away from the sun

a package holiday – a self-guided holiday

refreshments – inedibles

tacky – tasteful, expensive

to haggle over a price – to buy something at face value

to be ripped off – to grab a bargain

*Writing a review

– Give Ss time to write a review about a holiday and use some of the vocabulary they have learned.

Lisa’s Trip to Thailand

I had to wake up at the
crack of dawn to catch my flight. Thankfully I usually travel light, so it wasn’t too difficult to handle my luggage and check in.

My flight was 15 hours long, so once I got to my
posh 5 star hotel I was feeling so exhausted that I went to sleep.

Unfortunately the next day I wasn’t feeling refreshed, I was
suffering from a serious jet lag, yet I was still very keen on catching some rays on the sandy beach. As this was a package holiday, I thought that the sunloungers and the refreshments were going to be included in the price.

To my surprise I was asked to pay a 10 pound fee to the
tacky souvenir shop owner, however, luckily I managed to haggle over the price and get it for 5 pounds.

What a rip off!

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